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About Us

Hello! We are Jason and Katie and have been happily married for over three years.  We currently have one young son but would love to expand our family through adoption. We are a Christian family and raise our son with these values in mind. Both of us were born and raised in Maryland and our families live locally, offering a ton of family support!  We own a large, single family home with a big yard in a great school district.  We are both teachers and it's safe to say we value education!  In our free time, Jason likes to golf and Katie likes to spend time with family/friends and do small home improvement projects. We also like to attend local events, visit fun and educational attractions and our son loves going to Home Depot!  We are financially stable and home study approved to adopt a child ages 0-10.  We are open to either gender, willing to travel, and adoption lawyer ready. 

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Who we are

We are a loving family with room for more! We are ready to welcome a child into our hearts and home! We strive to be great parents and provide our son with a happy childhood and bright future. We are committed to growing and strengthening our family and building a lifetime of happiness. 

Things we like to do

We like to visit local attractions and spend time outdoors when we can.  We recently went to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, a nearby arcade and pet a calf at a local farm.  We also enjoy attending local festivals and go shopping on occasion. Both of our families live locally, so we spend time with them on the weekends.  


Family is very important to us and we are lucky enough to have grandparents and aunts, uncles, cousins who are very involved in our lives.  We appreciate the love and support that they offer to us.  We currently have one young biological son but are hoping to expand our family through adoption.

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